Golden Retriever Saves Bald Eagle From Freezing To Death

What is known about dogs is that they’re man’s best friend. Actually, they care about the other creatures not just humans, especially animals, and this story proves that perfectly.

While being out with her parent, a three-year-old dog called Kenai began barking loudly and persistently after seeing a wounded bald eagle. The poor bird was on a branch near the water.

However, the Golden Retriever and her owner tried to help the injured bird, but it was afraid and hopped away. So, they came back the next and followed the tracks of the bird in the snow!

With the Department of Natural Resources’ help, they were able to find the eagle, that was in desperate need of health care!

It was found that the bird was suffering from a shoulder injury with frozen feathers. The vets also found poison in his body! The most important thing is that the bird will be completely healed soon. Thanks to Kenai, who saved the eagle’s life! Watch the video below.

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