The Vet Squeezes The Dozens Of Maggots From The Dog’s Skin

THIS is the stomach-churning moment dozens of live maggots were squeezed from the flesh of a dog by a stunned vet.

The vet starts by slowly squeezing the dog’s skin. Rapidly, squirming maggots emerge from underneath the flesh.

The vet begins ton squeeze the dog’s skin, and maggots starts to emerge.

After the vet removes them, he squeezes the skin once again – and yet more writhing maggots continue to appear.

Repeating the process a number of times, the maggots are then placed into a quickly filling up dish – where they are seen to be wriggling around.

By the end of the one minute video though, no more maggots are coming out of the dog’s skin – and viewers can hope that the dog’s unfortunate condition has now been cured.

Although unclear when the footage was taken, it has now been shared over 300,000 times.

This kind of infestation of maggots in an animal is known as myiasis – which is when the larvae of flies infects a live being and then grows inside.

In the most common form of the condition, maggots penetrate the skin and develop in the tissue underneath.

Maggots are the live larvae of flies and feed for 3-5 days on the flesh of creatures like animals.

They can also be found in food – as one horrified woman discovered earlier this month when she found maggots in a box of chocolates.

It’s not only animals who can suffer from myiasis though – humans can also become infected.

After being bitten by a fly whilst backpacking through the Brazilian rainforest, a woman known only as Gu was bitten by an insect – only realising when maggots exploded from her legs a few days later.






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